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    Your Health Is Truly Your Responsibility

    Diabetes is a growing concern among many people today, with some many possible causes to diabetes, some people may get over worried. You may be susceptible to suffering diabetes simply because your grandfather or grandmother had it. It is in our genetics. It has been known to cause people to gain weight, which in turn causes higher cholesterol and possibly even a heart attack. You can suffer from one form of diabetes in which the sugar levels in your blood are too low, while others may be too high.

    High blood pressure and high cholesterol are killers; they can cause the heart to stop from many different factors. No matter how you look at it, diabetes or not, seek the advice of a physician if you think your blood pressure or cholesterol levels are too high.

    Diabetes can cause the build up of excess fat which is need for the bodys energy, but in the case of diabetes, these fats are stored for the sugar only. Although there are many fats which are good for the body in general, there are also fats that are definitely not healthy. One such unhealthy fat is known as Triglycerides. These fats can lead to a heart attack if you allow their levels to get too high.

    There are many other bad thing that can happen to your body and health if you do not take care of your diabetes. You could suffer from cataracts which can lead to complete blindness. Diabetes can affect your extremities like your legs and arms, first with tingling then followed by numbness and finally a loss of blood circulation forcing a physician to have to remove that extremity.

    In most cases, you will be able to find the diabetes long before it develops into type 2 simply by going to the normal check-ups that any person needs to ensure good health. The good news, is that if you seek help as well as follow the suggestion of your doctor after seeking help, chances are you will never get type 2 and you will not have to worry about loosing an arm or your sight.

    Your health is truly your responsibility. Too many times I have seen the following occur. A man has type 2 diabetes and knows he needs to stay away from sweets, yet every week he goes to the store and buys a big box of jelly filled doughnuts. Even 2 years after loosing his eyesight due to cataracts, he still continues to purchase those doughnuts because he likes them.

    Many people may laugh, but the truth is that this story is all too often. When a doctor tells you that you need to stop eating this or start doing that, it is because he or she knows what they are talking about.

    Listen to them and you may just save your own life. Fail to listen to them and you will end up blind and looking for a jelly filled doughnut.

    Take care of yourself and your body will take care of you. You are only one in the same, and when it comes to something like diabetes you cannot lay your fate on the table for something you think you cannot live without.


    About the Author (text)Adam Kalloh is an associated editor to the website http://www.healthouse.com . He is committed to provide visitors with complete information on health issues.

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