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    Workout How to get Started

    Does even the thought of the word workout fill you with dread ? When you think of the word do you picture lots of huge, muscle bound, sweaty men pumping iron in a poorly lit gym ? Would you run a mile if a friend suggested you join them for a quick workout down the gym or fitness centre ? Well you are not alone, most people have a negative reaction to the word. However it doesn't need to be that way. It can mean a multitude of things depending upon who you ask.

    Yes to some it means is a long session down the gym pumping iron to deveop muscle size & strength, but it could also mean an aerobic session to music most popular with females. It could mean a short 20 min stint of light exercise in your garage just using a mat. In short a workout can be whatever you want it to be. Do not be put off by the thought of a workout,starting anything new or something that you have not done for a long time can sometimes appear a little daunting, however you are in control, you can select an exercise routine to suit yourself.

    Whether you choose a video or DVD from a well known personality or a set of step by step instructions from a book or magazine you can choose to do as much or as little of the program as you want. Even if you go to a gym or fitness centre & take one of their workout classes, if you feel tired or unwell you can simply take a breather or stop alltogether, nobody will shout at you or think less of you. After all we all have to start sometime, go at your own pace & ease yourself into the routine gently. Yes it may be true that in order to gain the full benefits of a workout you will have to push yourself at some stage, but not at the beginning, take your time & in the long run you will begin to enjoy yourself & reap the benefits in improved fitness & body shape. To start you off, a workout need not be one in the traditional sense eg one where you change into your gym gear & go to the garage for a workout or go for a jog etc you can start by simply taking a short walk round the block or use the stairs instead of the elevator (if you work on the 50th floor or above you don't have to walk all the way up, just part of the way will do ! ) or get off the bus a few stops early & walk the rest of the way. All these simple methods can be employed to get you going.

    If you still just don't like the thought of a workout remember that during it your body will release chemicals, including serotonin to the brain, which improves your mood & will therefore make you feel better. So if you don't feel too good & think the last thing you need is a workout, think again, it will actually make you feel better.

    John Mac is Author & Owner of fitnessdiethealth.com a website including information about how to workout.

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