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    What is HITT cardio training

    HITT or high intensity interval training is an easy way to burn all those fat and calories in your body without exerting yourself much. This mode of interval training with much higher and intense cardio level has become a rage in bodybuilding industry, for its benefit of helping a body burn fat to a greater extent. The major benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is that it lets you lose all the fat.

    HITT is also known as conventional form cardio vascular exercise, with better and efficient outcome for every workout lover or bodybuilder. The very old form of cardiovascular workouts talked about losing weight by exercising at low intensity or low interval for a longer period of time, but high intensity interval training is a modern form of cardio that depends on the technique of working out intensely at an interval ranging from light to moderate level. This very fact that HITT works opposite to conventional cardiovascular technique, makes it as the upgraded version of the latter form of exercise. Since, high intensity interval training technique is based on intense workouts with low and medium pace in alteration, rather than a continuous pace, therefore it also tends to burn more fat and that too in less time span. The major benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is the fact that on a normal exercise routine your body gets accustomed to the pace and exertion and thus does not lose the amount of calories you wished for. Also by becoming accustomed to the intensity of normal cardio exercise your body also starts conserving some calories, as it goes in a steady or stable mode.

    So when working with alternate and intense level of exercise, your body is not able to go into a steady or stable state and thus keeps on losing or burning fat and calories without getting a chance to store them. HITT also has its cons which makes it 'not-suitable' for a particular category of people involved in workouts or cardio trainings. The very reason is the level of intensity involved in it, which makes it risky for people having medical constraints like those having heart or cardiovascular difficulties.

    Another reason that makes some people stay away from benefits of HITT is the fact that not every one is capable enough to workout at the requirement of this high intensity interval training program, for it requires a greater physical input. This form of cardio may sound tough and little too unreasonable, but there are techniques to make yourself accustomed to the intensity and level of HITT. The trick here is to begin at a low pace for 5 to 6 minutes, increasing the pace to high speed and then again coming back to 4 to 6 minutes of low pace workout, finally moving on to 2 to 3 minutes of low pace along with high paced workout. The basic idea behind the high intensity interval training is of doing a cardiovascular exercise (ranging from cycling, brisk walking, running, and treadmill walking or elliptical training) with alternate level of pace including a half or full minute interval or break before change of pace from low to high or high to low.

    All this is based on the aim of progressive fat burn result in much quicker and faster way, therefore for every bodybuilder HITT or high intensity interval training makes a sense when indulge in a strict fat burn or weight loss regime. You can always reduce your gym time by introducing high intensity interval training in your weekly exercise routine, as with HITT you need not spend regular amount of hours you do on normal level of training, also with HITT you need to workout only 4 to 5 times a week or may be even 3 to 4 times depending upon the level of intensity you are involved in. HITT is easily disguised with the amount of huffing and puffing it brings to a person, so if you are sweating and breathing good then you are burning all your fat with high intensity interval training version of modern exercise. General HIIT Guidelines which everyone should follow as they start practicing the HIIT regime regularly: Prior to starting with HIIT training, always make sure you have the potential to work out for at least 20 to 30 minutes at no less than 70-85% of your expected maximum heart rate, without draining yourself to a limit. Also, it is very important to warm up and cool down for 5 minutes, every time, before and after each HIIT session.

    While recovery intervals, if your heart rate does not go down back to nearly 70% of your maximum heart rate, it means that you need to cut down your intense work intervals and extend your recovery intervals. Always keep in mind that HIIT is designed for people whose key interests are enhancing their cardiovascular fitness, stamina and fat loss, on the whole, without losing the muscle mass they already retain. Since it is an intense mode of workout, you are required to give your complete effort and intense level of output before you switch your pace level from high to medium or low. In simple words, exercise as hard and as intensely as you can and then go back to a 2 or 3 minute of low pace workout to recover. This is the very reason that makes HITT a faster and quicker form of workout. For those involved in a routine high intensity interval training program, it is advised that do not ignore the importance of taking a minute or 30 second interval when changing the pace.

    Also, stop and calm down when feeling chest pain or having trouble in breathing. This is also why even those who are new to the muscle building routine tend to ignore HITT. Thus, the intense level of program in HITT is not recommended for any person who comes in the category of either having a health problem or being a newcomer, unless the physician or the doctor has given them a go for performing such level of cardiovascular activities.

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