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    Summer Weight Loss and the Mediterranean Diet

    When summer comes, those of us who are overweight are particularly conscious of the fact. Darn those swimsuits anyway, all that extra cellulite in plain view! Well, the lucky thing about summer is that theres a diet thats especially nice to follow in the summer season, and thats the Mediterranean Diet.

    The reason that the Mediterranean Diet is well-suited in the summer is that most of the foods it represents are in season or exporting briskly.

    Lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds. Plus a healthy dose of the favorite olive oil, and the fishing season keeps the seafood coming.

    In addition, the Mediterranean Diet focuses on high-quality foods in limited amounts, with locally grown produce being the best option of all.

    And of course, what better time to hit the farmers market to load up on a basket of fresh produce than the summer time?

    Summer and the Mediterranean Diet also go well together because the recipes of the Mediterranean feature lighter meals that are easier to digest. A thick stew or fatty roast is comforting in the winter, when your body naturally wants to store calories to burn to fight the cold. But during the summer, the heat and humidity combine to make heavy meals unappealing, while a salad with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of lemon juice sounds like a great idea.

    As always, the Mediterranean Diet is done with the intention that you cut down on the portions you eat at one time. You can get smaller plates and bowls, and focus on never missing a meal, but always eating a reasonable portion.

    Remember that the Mediterranean Diet is not a crash diet, but a sensible, steady lifestyle to which you must keep a long-term commitment for it to work. There are few other weight loss diets which assist you health as much as this highly respected age-old diet.

    Dont believe me though, go and check into it on the internet, read the university studies from all over the world (including Harvard) and the health foundations, research institutes and heart foundations. Once, you didnt hear a lot about the Mediterranean diet, thats because nobody owns it - but now, many know its one of the healthiest diets there is and it has more verification than most any other diet as well. Whats more is that it happens to be tasty, nutritious and evidence has indicated it minimizes the risk of heart disease and cancer.


    About the Author (text)Ray Darken is the author and he can provide more information from his down-loadable Mediterranean diet guide at http://www.safe-and-easy-weightloss.com or read more at http://www.the-mediterranean-diet.com

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