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    Myths of Exercising

    This article is dedicated to the truth behind some of the most well-known exercise legends of our times. Selecting the views and opinions from a variety of sources, like doctors, gym trainers, and fitness columnists, this article presents the reality behind contemporary myths related to exercise. "In order to loose weight from a particular area of your body, you should repeat an exercise multiple times" - The truth is that loosing weight specifically from one particular area through the use of exercise is not possible. Actually, by performing multiple times the same type of exercise movement, you do not burn more calories, but instead you simply strain the muscles of that particular area of your body.

    By applying a smaller amount of pressure multiple times, instead of performing a vigorous set of exercise movements and train all your body's muscles, you do not help that area become fitter but you can actually hurt it badly. The best way to exercise and keep fit is to combine the vigorousness and the quantity of different exercise movements for all your muscles. "If you want to loose weight you have to perform only aerobic exercise" - If someone truly wishes to loose weight, it is advisable by nutritionists and gym trainers to combine a low-calorie diet with aerobic exercise and lifting weights. The appropriate diet will ensure that the body receives the amount of calories it needs to continue functioning normally, the aerobic exercise will burn more fat tissue and the weight training will help the body keep the necessary muscle tone active.

    "To see any positive outcomes from exercising you have to keep training for at least 15 minutes without pause" - One can see positive outcomes from any type of exercise, as long as this happens regularly and you gradually increase the quantity and the pressure you perform on your muscles. Whether you vigorously train for five minutes three times a day or for fifteen minutes only once, you will see the same results on your body. "If you do weights you gain muscle tone" - The outcomes of weight lifting are subject to a variety of elements, like the person's body type, the individual's sex, the intensity of the exercise, its quantity, and of course, the levels of testosterone. An average person can build muscles through the practicing of weight lifting exercises, but it is impossible to acquire the body figure of a body-builder if there is no genetic predisposition and the diet followed and the type of exercise performed are not consistent or have a long duration. "If one stops exercising, muscles become fat" - Muscle and fat are two different tissue types and can never transform from one into other.

    Simply, when a person stops exercising, the muscles that are not used anymore atrophy and reduce in size. But the body's fat tissue continues to develop since the person eating habits do not change and as the body burns fewer calories than when the person was still exercising, the individual might gain weight and become less fit. "Thin people have no reason to exercise" - The fact that someone is thin is not reason enough to exclude any type of exercise from his or her daily program. In fact, many thin people have a higher percentage of body fat tissue in comparison to normal figures and if they do not perform any kind of exercise, they are prone to serious health problems like osteoporosis.

    Thus, in order to strengthen their cardiovascular system, they have to work out and perform all the appropriate exercise movements depending on their body's type, sex, degree of fitness, height and weight. "The longest and hardest one exercises, the better" - Vigorous exercise, when performed for a long period of time by a person that has not been training adequately before exercising his or her muscles that much, can lead to exhaustion, muscle tissue burning, heart problems, slower metabolism levels, and lower immune system resistance. Exercising hard can have the same negative effects as not exercising at all.

    Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Fitness, Men Health, and Nursing

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