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    Effective Natural Acne Treatment Remedies

    An effective home remedy for adult acne is one of the most sought after acne products for sufferers all over the world. This article will discuss the best acne scar cure home remedy for fast acne relief. What we call whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and pus nodules all come under the scientific term of acne. There are many causes and triggers for acne breakouts.

    One of the most common beliefs is that acne occurs as a result of the overproduction of sebum. Home remedies are mainly meant for mild acne scars which you could utilize without any hassles or spending any money for your visits to doctors. What you need to do is follow them diligently in a proper manner and for a considerable period without loosing your heart so that you could achieve the optimum result. Home Remedies for Acne Scars 1. Squeeze the juice out of fresh lemons or limes. Apply the juice directly on your acne scars using a cotton ball.

    Let your skin soak up the lemon juice for a while before washing it off with water. Lemon juice improves the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them. 2. Mix sandalwood with a few drops of rosewater to make a paste. The sandalwood and rosewater paste can be used as a facial mask and can be directly applied on the scarred area.

    Leave the paste on for more than an hour. Wear it overnight if you can. Wash off completely with water.

    This is an effective method of how to treat acne scar because of sandalwood's soothing and cooling effect on the skin. 3. Baking soda and olive oil: The basic target of any natural remedy is to peel off the damaged skin layer and then nurture the skin to its restore point.

    Baking soda could be used as a natural microdermabrasion. Prepare a mixture by using two teaspoon full of filtered water and one teaspoon full of baking soda. Rub the mixture softly over the affected area. For one minute and rinse it off.

    After the exfoliation of the acne scar area with baking soda apply a little amount of olive oil with light massage. This essential oil would restore the necessary elasticity and suppleness of your skin. 4.

    Water and Diet: Your skin needs water to keep it cool, and moist, and to drive away the toxic materials. It also helps the skin tissue repairing process in a faster rate. You need to take eight ounces of water everyday to keep your skin perfectly hydrated. Along with water you need a healthy balanced diet which should include plenty of fruits and protein containing items. Fruits, especially those from citrus family are the natural source for vitamin C which is responsible for collagen formation in our skin. Thus vitamin C and protein help our skin to get rid of acne blemishes.

    5. Honey is another natural moisturizer that can help in treating acne scars. You can use honey as a mask or orally take a specially formulated honey acne scar treatment.

    6. To treat acne scars, use this mixture as a face mask: 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, and a few drops of lemon juice. Pat the mixture onto acne scars, leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse off. 7. Application of tea tree oil to the affected area will help in curing the acne scars 8. Take a few mint leaves and crush them.

    Tie these crushed leaves in piece of muslin cloth and extract juice. Use it all over your face. It's a very good home remedy for acne scars.

    Read more on makeup tips. Check out for blackheads treatment and home remedies.

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