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    Discover How Processed Foods Or Junk Foods Has Been Proven To Cause Cancer

    Food is necessary not just only for energy, but for growth and development. But there are many dangers attached to the regular consumption of some certain foods like ''junk foods'' especially in women. Junk or processed foods are those foods that were neccessary for makers to preserve with artificial additives. "All those foods that are canned or bottled are preserved with some artificial additives. "They stay long on the shelf sometimes and so these additives help to preserve their shelf life. But they have been very disadvantageous.

    One of the dangers of processed foods, is that they raise the blood sugar level. This could be the beginning of serious health challenges. "Blood sugar level can predispose to chronic infection which can alter in morphology to abnormal cell types.

    "And, of course, this can progress to cancer. Contending on blood sugar increament had been linked with processed foods, and these foods has a correlation with increase in cancer. Processed foods appear to have a correlation with increase in cancer, especially of the G.

    I.I. Change in dietary intake with appropriate food could help reduce risk of cancer. With natural and freshly prepared foods had been found to have lower risks. "About 40 per cent of cancer cases can be prevented by health living.

    "We can reduce blood sugar level by eating balanced diet. I mean diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. "We should take time to prepare our own foods. When we cook at home, we don't preserve foods with additives.

    This has been found to be save and have lower risk of giving cancer. The emphasis is on blood sugar level and fat because the risk is lower in men. Moreover, women have more tendency to be obese. Obesity arises from uncontrolled intage of sugar and fat.

    The cancer of the breast which is found in women, can result from poor dietary practices.

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