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    Aerobics Workouts DVD Home Workout with Aerobic Videos

    My wife and I talked it over and made a decision that it was time to take action and get in better shape. The only exercise we get is from a short walk with the dogs around our block. Maybe you're in the same type of situation. We both want low impact activity for our joints.

    We decided we would look into aerobic videos to see if there was a program that would benefit both of us. We wanted an exercise routine that we could do together so that we could keep each other motivated, and also so that exercise would not be taking up too much of our time together. It was not difficult to find the aerobic videos section at the media store.

    The health and fitness section was huge. It seems that every athlete, movie star and television personality has come out with their own aerobic videos. We started going through them.

    We were planning on exercising in the bedroom area. We have a VHS player in that room so we could disregard the DVD's. We also could set aside the aerobic videos that were high impact.

    We still had many to choose from. Want to know the secrets to losing weight and gaining muscle? The #1 Best Selling Diet & Fitness E-Book In Internet History! FREE Information We both know that it is important for us to stretch our muscles well to maintain flexibility and to warm the joints before using them, so we wanted a tape that included stretching. We wanted to exercise when we got home from work and before we ate dinner, so we looked at aerobic videos that were 45 minutes or less in length. We also wanted a workout that would be fun to do so that we would keep motivated to do it. After several minutes of searching the sales person came and asked if we needed help.

    We explained what we were looking for. The cost of the aerobic videos was not tremendously high, but we did not want to purchase more than one to see if we liked them. The sales clerk suggested that we check with the library.

    People will donate tapes that they are no longer using and the library will let you check them out, as you would a book. This seemed like a great idea. We went to the local library and were surprised with the number of exercise videos, and other videos that were available.

    The librarian explained that people donate when they convert to DVD's or when they no longer want the tapes. We picked out 3 videos that we had seen at the store. We tried each one and decided that we liked the work out that features walking in place along with weight training using light hand held weights.

    My husband could use heavier weights to get a more vigorous workout. We took the tapes back to the library and explained that we had found the one that we wanted to purchase. The librarian suggested going to the second hand store in town and look through their video section.

    She stated that many people donate a variety of videos to sell. We took her advice and found that the second hand store had 2 of the aerobic videos that we were interested in plus several others. They were only priced at $1.00 each, so we bought several of them so that we could have variety to our workouts. I hope this gives you some ideas. Take a look around and I know you will find some very inexpensive aerobic videos that will have you on your way to getting more healthy and in the best shape of your life.

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